Cohen: In which case . . .

I don’t suppose you’d mind saying his name.

Cybele: You’re so silly!

I haven’t said anybody’s name since you caught me. Why would I start now?

Cohen: Clever. Your Master must have laid out a remarkably thorough set of orders for you to follow if you got captured . . . . . . unless it’s the other way around. A Being adapts to its Master’s needs. And if yours is a bit dim, he would need you to be clever in your own right.

Cybele: He’s not dim. He’s the brightest!

Cohen: Oh, and you’re such an objective source on that.

Cohen (thinking): Well, Congressman, let’s bring you in and see what you’re made of.

Computer: Your Reply: Accept request. Schedule for a time when I’m available to personally give tour of facilities.

Cohen (thinking): If you’ve been hiding your involvement with her all along . . . let’s find out if you’re bright enough to avoid springing a trap.