It was a reasonable guess, but no, the answer to “what comes next” is not “a sudden scene change.” You’re getting this encounter clear through to the end.

Bianca: It’s okay. You don’t have anything to be scared of. My precious Patrick . . . I don’t know how anyone could ever hate you.

Patrick: Let me know if this is pretty enough?

Bianca: As if you’ve ever had any trouble being pretty enough.

Patrick: Oh! Did you want my shirt off? I can take care of that.

Bianca: Yes! I mean, you’re gorgeous either way, but yes. If only Sparrow didn’t have to sleep in this bed later . . .

Patrick: Is that bad?

Bianca: Don’t worry about it. Just kiss me again.

Unless that’s — I don’t want to turn you on too much and then just leave you hanging. If that’s even a thing that happens to Beings . . .

Patrick: We can do physical arousal, yes! I’m doing it right now!