Sparrow: I’ve sent out a dozen applications in the past month. No luck so far. It’s not like — I mean, I got my degree, here, you’d think I’d be qualified to work at Subway. And I’ve been volunteering and stuff in the meantime, not reading fanfiction all day. At least, not just reading fanfiction.

Jany: If you didn’t have a job, and your mum’s willing to support you, why did you move out at all?

Sparrow: Well, Bianca got a job in the area. So she needed someone to rent with, and it would’ve been harder with some random stranger than someone she knew.

Hey, don’t let on to her that I told you this, okay? She’s got enough money worries of her own; she doesn’t need to stress about mine. Let’s talk about something happy! How was your con? Do anything exciting?

Jany: Nothing much. I got an autograph from this Japanese guy who sings. That’s about it.

Sparrow: Wait, are you talking about the J-Pop Guest of Honor? With the insanely long line? That’s serious dedication. What was he like? Tell me everything!