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Miranda: Sure, you can sit. If you’re a Being, that means you can’t help that you’re connected to him either, huh.

Patrick (narrating): No, I can’t. But why would I want to? When my last Master died, I was . . . thrown out. His family said I wasn’t worth keeping. Your father found me in the trash, and took me home.

Miranda’s father (flashback): ??

Patrick (narrating): He told me about you, once. Said you were with your mother, and he thought you were better off that way.

Miranda: That’s a stupid excuse. He just didn’t want to see us!

Patrick: I don’t know. Your mother was . . . very important to him. He never said so, but he’s my Master. I can feel it.

Miranda: . . . Am I important to him?

Patrick: I think so. He’s never met you, so it’s hard to tell for sure.