Jany: E-excuse me?

I just wanted to say, um, thanks. For getting me the plug converter, and . . . Well, I don’t think Kara Lynn’s zoned out at all since the fight, so I guess maybe it worked.

We’re going to try to make it to the airport by this evening. To wait there overnight, I mean. Turns out we don’t have anywhere else to stay.

We were splitting a room with a bunch of locals, and they obviously all went home . . . So I wanted to say thank you before we go our separate ways and probably never see each other again.

Bianca and Sparrow: . . .

Sparrow: You know . . .

Bianca: . . . we’ve got this room anyway . . .


Jany: I guess at this point I might as well tell you — my real name is Jany.

Sparrow: Johnny? As in–

Jany: Not as in Jonathan. J-A-N-Y. If you have any trouble with it, you can go back to calling me Saturn.

Sparrow: Or I could just keep calling you “kid”.

Jany: I don’t know about your country, but at home I’m an adult.