At last, we’re closing in on one of the reveals I’ve been waiting to make since back in chapter one.

Sparrow: What’s going on? Is he okay?

Bianca: He’s fine! He just showed up carrying —

Patrick, how much is that?

Jany: Kara Lynn, c’mere.

[thinking] If he had a standing order too — I don’t know if I can take this —

Bianca: Twenty, forty, fifty, seventy, ninety . . .

Sparrow: Whoa.

Since when can you whip out this kind of cash on cue?

Bianca: $450.

Sparrow: And how long were you planning on holding out on us?

Patrick: Now that is not fair! The first thing I did when we met, before I even knew you, was “whip out this kind of cash.” And you didn’t give me so much as a tummy rub in return!