The flashback uses the same coloring style we saw in back in baby Nevada-san’s childhood holiday.

Bennett (thinking): Everything makes me think about her now. Even this storm . . .

Bennett’s memory:

Bennett (flashback): Hold that steady. A little thing like a citywide power outage is no excuse not to finish The Reagan Diaries.

Cybele: ‘Kay!

Bennett: And don’t do that!

Bennett (present): I’ve decided how to spend this afternoon. Grab a phone and get me in touch with Stu Cohen.

Boston. (North of the storm.)

Cohen: Berith? Astaroth?

Cybele: Nope, nope.

Cohen: Ieiazel? Mebha? Heri?

Cybele: Still nothin’.

Cohen: Al-Qahhār? Al-Wahhāb?

Cybele: That one’s pretty!

Cohen: But not yours, I take it.

Cybele: Nuh-uh. But it would be neat if it was!