Q. Since we know Beings can shape shift, does this include inanimate forms, such as metal? Can a Being shift into a form that could then be attached to machinery?

A. Their forms always approximate that of an existing creature, although you could certainly wire yours up in various ways if you chose.

Q. So by approximate, you mean they have to resemble it fully? No partial representations allowed? So a chimera would be out, then?

A. They do have partial representations while they’re shapeshifting. It’s just not something they can maintain.

Q. An asteroid hits the planet and wipes out a large chunk of life on Earth. How devastating would the asteroid have to be before Beings died from that?

A. An asteroid big enough to take out a large chunk of humanity would probably take out some Beings as well.

Q. Can Beings reproduce at all, and if so, how?

A. The method by which new Beings come into existence is currently unknown.

Q. If a Being breaks a law, who is legally responsible?

A. Its Master.