And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Jany’s big brother in a nutshell.

Still in England,a few days earlier.

Jany: Come look at this video! It’s the cutest thing, it’s this lizard being tickled —

Naresh: Hey, Jany, you have any laundry that needs washing? I don’t have a whole load here, but I need a shirt clean for an interview tomorrow.

Jany: I-it’s okay, Naresh! I can do my own laundry!

Naresh: What’s the matter, little sister? Embarrassed? It’s not like you’ve got some mystery girl clothes I’ve never seen before.

In fact, I bet you don’t have any type of clothing I haven’t seen on my bedroom floor alone —

Jany: I don’t want to hear about all your girlfriends!

Naresh: Who said any of them were girlfriends?

Jany: Naresh!!