Miranda: . . . And then he acts like he deserves to meet you! As if I would introduce a boyfriend to him. Not for a million dollars. He still seems to buy the “boyfriend” story, too — I mean, he’s not acting like he’s suspicious about anything.

I was wondering whether I should tell some of my friends the truth, though . . . Even though I won’t be seeing them much once the semester starts. Because what if they guess, based on how I treat you, and then don’t realize it was supposed to be a secret?

Poe: They haven’t guessed so far. They seem to assume it’s just you being bossy — and that I’m into it.

Miranda: What? Did one of them say I was bossy?

Poe: I’m sure she meant it in an affectionate way . . .

Patrick: You can get a little strident sometimes.

Miranda: Eh?

. . . Who the hell are you?

Patrick: *puppy dog eyes*

Miranda: OH! You made it! ♥ Sit down, sit down. ♥