Jany: I bet this suite really is as big as Naresh’s whole flat! I don’t even want to think about what it’s costing. Did he text back while I was in the shower?

Kara Lynn: He did. I could only read his name, but I assume it was good, because he didn’t use any capslock. Are you going to try to stay awake, to get on a local sleep schedule?

Jany: “Try”, nothing. It’s still only half-one back home. I could stay up for hours!

Kara Lynn: Oh?

Jany: I should probably email Bianca and Sparrow. They’ll want to know I got here safe too.

And then, you know . . . maybe we could cuddle for a while . . . But first, I’m gonna shut my eyes, just for five minutes . . . Don’t let me pass out for too long, okay?

Kara Lynn: Of course, Master. ♥ I’ll only let you sleep for as long as your body needs.