violetbauble: Hey Jany :) So when do u make ur big US trip?

saturn39: i’m already here!
saturn39: still jet-lagged, no experiments yet, but ms. walker put me up in this super posh hotel room =D

violetbauble: Oh neat! When they start u have to tell me all about it.

saturn39: think they’ll have KL test diffrent forms? i’d love her no matter what ofc, but to think of her looking like a whole new person is so weird.

violetbauble: Well she’ll turn back in the end! Unless u tell her not to, she’ll default to that form u like.

saturn39: oh that was just the form she took on her own! i mean i like it, but b/c it’s her, you know?

violetbauble: Um…
violetbauble: Jany…tbh I’m not sure Beings *can* do things on their own.

saturn39: what? sure they can! kara lynn takes initiative all the time!
saturn39: and if patrick doesn’t, he’s just nervous i bet. his last master hurt him right? he’s scared of getting things wrong, that’s all.

violetbauble: Ok true, Patrick is super anxious, but think for a second — has Kara Lynn “taking initiative” ever been to do somethin u didn’t like?

saturn39: so what if she hasn’t? maybe she’s not wanted to!

violetbauble: or maybe she’s picking up on what *u* want. Maybe before u know it urself. Maybe even somethin that would b creepy or wrong irl, so u would never ask, but ur Being doesn’t know the difference, so they just go 4 it.
violetbauble: Hypothetically!
violetbauble: Not accusin u of anythin! Just saying.