Dr. Lin: We can show you our display sample, if you’re interested. It’s almost poetic — Biblical, if you will. As if “from dust they came, and to dust they shall return.”

Jany: Oh! Well, I, um. I’m sort of Muslim, actually. Not the sort where — I mean, I do eat bacon and everything. But Christian cultural references are going to go over my head a little. You’re not going to try to convert me, are you?

And you can’t take dirt samples from Kara Lynn!

Dr. Lin: Yes, yes.


Blake: Excuse us!

Jany, I’d like you to meet my Master.

Walker: Let’s make this quick — I have a shareholder meeting at eleven.

I challenge you.

Jany: Wait! Do you promise not to hurt her?

Walker: The goal here is to explore your abilities, not run past their limits and keep going. Here at Walker Labs, we have no interest in . . . purposeless . . . violence.