Naresh: Here’s an idea . . . Do you think your randomly-met American friends might just happen to know some useful things about the researchers?

Jany: Y-yes! That’s a good idea. We can ask!

Kara Lynn: You have redeemed yourself.

And so…


Stay away from Stu Cohen! He was Patrick’s old Master, & we don’t want him to know (or even guess!!) where Patrick is now :(

You should probably be fine if you talk to Ann Walker! She does the same kind of research but w/o the magic. (that’s not like a metaphor, I mean the Being-hacking. Example from a news clip.)

just don’t tell HER anything about Patrick either. She & Cohen have some kind of rivalry going on, & you know how those always go in anime…they could have a tension-filled team-up over a shared goal at any moment.

Good luck!!

Jany: Turns out Walker International even has a simple form on their website you can use to apply for this! Bet you I can finish filling it out before Naresh gets home with his not-girlfriend for tonight.

Kara Lynn: I know you can do it! ♥