Jany: Wait . . . this email is . . .


Naresh’s not-girlfriend: Your kid sister again?

Naresh: Believe me, if I could afford to get her out of the flat . . .

Jany: Have to pack for Chicago in the fall . . .

Naresh, you have luggage, right? Can I borrow a suitcase?

Practice your on-purpose impression of a statue, Kara Lynn! We’re going on an international flight again!

Jany: Naresh, I’m making naan! Do you want some?

Naresh: Sure!

Jany: How about your friend — what’s her name?

Naresh: Uh . . . something like Madelyn, Madison, Addison? She already left, so none for her.

Jany: You didn’t learn her name?! No wonder she left!

Naresh: Hey, to be fair, she said my name was too hard for her to pronounce. Spent the whole night calling me “Nick”.

Jany: I don’t understand you at ALL.

Naresh: What can I say? The heart wants what it wants.

Jany: That isn’t your heart.

Naresh: Same difference.