Morning (US Eastern time).

Bianca: I can’t believe I never realized Patrick’s last Master was Stu Cohen!

Bianca (phone): Ca– uh, Timothy! Did you know the identity of Patrick’s last Master?

Timothy: Well, sure. We fought that version of Patrick a few times for Cohen’s experiments. Why?

Sparrow: So it turns out, if you google “Miranda Lake”, there’s a couple articles about the scandal of Stu Cohen having an illegitimate kid.

Bianca: I could have found this online?

Sparrow: Not only that, if you google “Being Patrick dog”, it takes you to all these articles about Cohen’s research . . .

Bianca: You know what? I can’t listen to this now. I need to get to work!

Librarian: After your desk shift, I need you to pull books for the September display, and then photocopy another set of calendars for the . . .

Bianca: Uh-huh, uh-huh . . .

Bianca (thinking): What if Cohen already knows where we are? He’s some kind of Being expert! He’s probably clever and perceptive about Beings in ways we can only dream of!

One of the Cohen residences.

Cohen: Honey, if you’re not busy this afternoon, I thought we could — Are you going somewhere?

Miranda: Out.

Cohen: Out . . . ? Are you going to be with that Poe guy?

Miranda: Maybe.

Cohen: When am I going to meet this boyfriend of yours, huh?