Jany: ??

Naresh: Pasta’s ready if you want some. Hey, are you going back to school soon, or what?

Jany: Thanks. I . . . don’t know. Mum and Dad still say they aren’t paying for my old one.

Naresh: Well, there’s nothing wrong with going to a state-run school. You probably just have to fill out some forms, or something.

Jany: I guess . . .

It’s just . . . it’s not fair! After what they were having Kara Lynn do —

The least they could’ve done is let her keep the profits! Instead we have to depend on you to put us up — when you barely have space in this flat for yourself. It’s not right!

Naresh: You know, even if we can’t get our parents to be reasonable . . . Oi there, Kara Lynn!

Kara Lynn: What is it, Naresh?

Naresh: You’ve got super strength, can have any body type you want, and don’t sleep. How many non-sex ways can we make money off of that?