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Q. ‘If a Being had a permanent, settled identity…’ That would seem to imply that it’s theoretically possible. Or am I reading too much into your answer?

A. Yes, it is theoretically possible. (Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s humanly possible.)

Q. How is it that Beings are physically prevented from speaking in certain ways? I have in mind the rule that Beings cannot lie that they have a specific name. I mean, is it that they can’t think that way? They are emotionally compelled not to lie?

A. The lying isn’t the problem; we’ve seen Beings lie or be deceptive in a couple of situations, either on direct orders from their Master or just because they knew it was what their Master would want.

It’s names, specifically, that they have trouble with. Names, and words in general, have power; to apply a new name to something that didn’t have it already is an exercise of power that Beings aren’t able to do.

Q. Lizards are cold-blooded. Is Kara Lynn, in the lizard form, affected by environment temperature, e.g. is she slowed down by cold? And in general, how far do the biological characteristics of Beings’ animal forms resemble those of the corresponding animals? Say, since snakes are deaf, would a snake-Being in snake form be deaf too? (And would it still be able to receive orders from its Master without hearing them?)

A. In general, Beings have excellent and wide-ranging senses in any form. A snake-Being would have good hearing, Patrick in dog form still has sensitive color vision, and so on.

So Kara Lynn isn’t physically slowed down by cold, but she doesn’t like it. And she’s drawn to heat sources more than the average warm-blooded-species Being.