February 14 is BICP’s first anniversary! Now I just have to think of something special to do in celebration. (Suggestions welcome!)

Sparrow: Hey, Bee! I’m home! And I brought leftover free pizza!

. . . so of course you’re already cooking something.

Bianca: Sorry!

Sparrow: Listen, it turns out I’m not going to make the play. We just stayed late at work organizing this last-minute protest for a Bennett speech tomorrow. I can’t get to the theater on time without slacking off on my proper share of standing with a sign.

Bianca: I hope the sign’s nice, at least.

Sparrow: It’s awesome!

It has this really terrible quote, followed by a drawing of Jesus looking shocked. I wanted him to be saying “WTF?”, but Dot didn’t think that would go over well.

Bennett: Do you think Jesus would approve of punishing success? Sure, he said if you had two coats you should give one to the poor, but he never mentioned anything about what to do if you have three houses!

Sparrow: Hear that, Patrick? You’re going in human form. Better think up a nice suit.

Patrick: I heard, Sparrow.