Miranda: All I can say is, this girl better recognize real gold when she sees it.

Ring tone: When I like what I see
Something inside of me
Tells me that I gotta be

Poe: Call from your father.

Ring tone: Hittin on it
I’m hittin on it

Miranda: I don’t have time for this. I’m not picking up. I’m not . . .

Okay, I am. C’mere and help me get my shoes on.


Father: Hi, Mandy. I’m at the beach house, about to take some schmuck out to lunch over the Brookline contract. Dinner’s wide open. It’s not too late to send a car if you want to come by.

Miranda: Sorry, Daddy. I have plans with friends.

Father: Sweetheart . . . I know you have your own life to live, but I’ll be in L.A. almost until your next semester starts . . . And we haven’t really gotten to talk about what happened to Patrick.

Miranda: It’s okay!

I understand why you did it. For his own good, right?

Father: That’s right.

Miranda: I’ll see you in a couple weeks, then. ‘Bye!



Come on, Poe. We’ve got a show to make.