I did try to get readers theorizing about this guy…

(His profile says “Dislikes: Walking” for a reason!)

Bianca: Here you go! Due back on the 28th. By the way, my name’s Bianca . . . um, like it says on the name tag . . .

. . . so, well, do you want to go out for coffee some time? Or something?

Poe: Well, Bianca, that ‘s real flattering and all . . . but I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate it, you know? But hey, since you mentioned it . . . if there’s anyone else you wanted to ask out . . .

There’s a show I got tickets for, only it turns out she’s not into it, so I need to unload them on someone. You interested?

Bianca: Am I!

Poe: Great! The tickets are in the car. I ‘ll go grab them and be right back. Call me Poe, by the way.

Bianca: Poe!

Poe: Yeah?


Bianca: . . . Watch out for the stairs.