Sparrow: Free stuff? And he didn’t even want to date you? Maybe I should try flirting with guys some time.

Bianca: It’s not like this happens a lot! I got lucky, that’s all. Poe’s nice.

Patrick: He is not.

Sparrow: What’s that supposed to mean?

Bianca: He’s just put out that the tickets are for a local production of Cats.

Patrick: Hmph.

Bianca: Hey, Sparrow . . . I was going to bring Patrick, but if he really isn’t interested, I’ll need someone to go with . . .

Sparrow: Why not bring him anyway? You could wear dark glasses and tell everyone Patrick’s your seeing-eye dog.

Bianca: Sparrow! That wouldn’t be right!

Sparrow: Ooh, then you could invite Camellia and Reseda! Is there such a thing as service cats?

Bianca: Okay, now you’re just messing with me.

Patrick: Master . . . if you’re going, then let me go. P-please.