Poe: You still haven’t told me what happened. I know you don’t want to talk about it, but . . .

Maybe I could help if I understood. Right now, all I know is that “he left.” And that doesn’t happen. We don’t just run away. When I think about not being near you . . .

Miranda: . . . There was a fight, okay? Nothing special about it, except that Patrick lost. And got beat up really badly.

He would’ve healed fine if he’d just had the time! But my father took one look at him and said it was too much. That he wasn’t going to put up with this any more.

He took Patrick into a private room, and . . . — — — —— —- — – —

Poe: . . . No.

Miranda: It’s okay, Poe. I won’t ever let anything like that happen to you. I chose you. You’re MINE.