Apologies for the lateness, all. It’s been One Of Those Weeks.

Bianca: Sparrow, I get that you’re just joking, but if he takes it seriously–

Patrick: It’s been tried!

Nothing interesting happened. Do you want to know how it felt to have up to 50,000 volts going through me? Because I can tell you that too.

Sparrow: . . . How did it feel?

Patrick: Tingly.

I can’t tell you how I was born, or created, or whatever. I don’t remember. Our memories don’t last that long.

The one now called Reseda would remember what she did when she was called Lily, but by now the emotions have probably faded. After a few more Masters, the whole thing will be like something she read in a book once.

If it was a language she could read, at least.