Happy 100th page, BICP!

Sparrow: Sucks.

Bianca: I don’t know. When you live forever, I can see how you might want . . .

Timothy: . . . to forget.

Reseda: I still don’t think karaoke suppresses memory, Master.

Timothy: No. What it does is give me something else to focus on. And after an afternoon of talking about Emir, I need a little distraction. It’s not something you can understand.

Not that I blame you for that. It’s just the way you’re made.

Reseda: Blame me? I would think you’d be jealous. Could save you a lot of pain to be more like me.

Timothy: Maybe. But even if I can’t carry it all sometimes . . .

Camellia: . . . it’s worth it for the memories of my brother.