Patrick (thinking): Am I supposed to go? Sparrow said to agree unless there was a reason not to, and my Master didn’t contradict that. But it will cost her more money. Is that a reason? Unless she would rather pay than leave me in the apartment alone for three days. What if I promised to be good? I could be good! But there’s not a lot I can do here with her gone. Maybe she’d rather have me at her side to serve her. What does she want me to say? Why don’t I know? Will she hate me if I get it wrong?

Patrick: . . . Okay?

Bianca (off-panel): Great! See, was that so hard?

Bianca: I’ll add you to our party, then get off the couch and let you rest. We only have a couple of months to get ready, so if you want a costume, let me know soon!