Reseda: Hey! You can’t back out! Timothy, tell her she can’t back out!

Timothy: He’s going to end up fighting eventually, Bianca. It’s probably best that you learn how to handle it now.

And it’ll prove whether your contract with Patrick is really valid.

Sparrow: . . . wait, how does that work?

Bianca: I thought you said you were doing research on Beings?

Sparrow: For, like, a week! I didn’t get to . . . whatever this part is.

Bianca: Well, did you come across any video footage of Being battles? On YouTube or wherever?

Sparrow: Nope. Plenty of cool-sounding descriptions, but no video.

Bianca: And did you wonder why?

Sparrow: Copyright infringement?

Bianca: . . . Who could make a copyright claim on Beings?

Sparrow: I don’t know, but I’m sure Viacom has tried.