Bianca: Patrick! What was–Where were–Are you hurt?

Patrick: (OOF) Yes.

Bianca: Is this my fault? Did I make you lose?

Patrick: You did nothing wrong, Master. I can shift into a non-injured body if you put me down.

Timothy: Good job, Reseda. How are you feeling?

Reseda: Mmm . . . Bitten. Nothing a week of rest won’t cure.

Timothy: Oh, good. Did you get a chance to notice? Sparrow was there with us.

Reseda: How?

Timothy: I was hoping you could tell me.

Reseda: The only way I can think of is . . .

Who did you sign the Contract with?

Sparrow: What? Nobody!


Sparrow: . . . You’re not going to tell me I smell good now, are you?