Two years later.

Stu: Ahhh . . .

Jess: Mmmm.

Stu: How much time do we have?

Jess: Seven minutes.

Stu: I can work with that.

Jess: . . . You do realize, though, that “this is popular and makes money” is a terrible justification for not protecting the interests of the minority.

Stu: Aw, Jess, you’re not comparing a couple of broadcast violations to slavery, are you?

Jess: You’re the one who tried to cite it as a general Constitutional principle, white boy.

Stu: Oh, are Jews white now? Is that official? Was there a memo? I don’t think everybody got the memo.

Jess: Mmhmm. If you have time to be a putz, you have time to kiss me again.

Cohen: [whistling]

Patrick: Hi, sir! Did you have a good meeting?

Cohen: The best kind, Patrick. The best kind.