Patrick: Your guests for today showed up half an hour ago.

Cohen: Perfect. I’m going to do a bonus experiment during this battle. Don’t give it away to either of them, all right?

Patrick: No problem, sir!

Cohen: Hello there! Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope you’ve enjoyed the buffet!

Cybele’s former Master: Aw, yeah, man, it’s been great! So you’re the guy who does test Being battles for science, huh?

Cohen: That’s right. And you’re the Master of the Rabbit. A pleasure to meet you.

Cybele’s former Master: Hey, now, we don’t go in for that sort of capitalist fetishization of power structures. Me an’ my girl, we’re an equal team of partners. You don’t have a problem with that, do you, Mr. CEO?

Cohen: Perish the thought! I have a perfectly liberal mindset toward people who use sex toys.

Cybele’s former Master: Wha — buh — We challenge you!

Cohen: Great! I accept.