Your artist is out of town for the week, so there will be an omake strip on Monday, with the regular story resuming on Wednesday.

Cybele’s former Master: Whoa! This is beautiful!

Cohen: It worked!

Patrick: That’s from the movie we watched last night, right, sir? It looks great!

Cohen: Sure is.

Cybele’s former Master: How did you–?

Cohen: Oh, this? When we go into a Being battle, our real bodies don’t come along. We look and dress like our real-world selves by default, but if you focus on doing something different, who knows what the limits are?

Now, Patrick — take her apart.


Patrick: Did you get good data, sir?

Cohen: Yes. But, ugh, can you believe that guy? This is a standing order for you, Patrick: never, ever wear a ponytail.