Jump-cut to the present! In which we finally come back around to spending some time with our original main characters…plus, what just might be the first human, non-dead explicit love interest all series.

Present day . . .

Bianca: So you confirm that she is definitely not a Being?

Patrick: Correct. And she doesn’t look, seem, or smell familiar.

Bianca: Good boy! All right, run along to see your adult-English-learners class now.

Hey there! Can I help you find anything? Books? Online resources? Information about programs at the library? A movie? Coffee? Maybe lunch?

Cute Freckled Girl: Well, since you’re here, sure! Do you have information about arranging events for elementary-age groups? What’s your track record like with special-needs kids?

And I’d love to know if the library has any limits on accepting donations, and if they can be earmarked for specific things . . .

Bianca: Uh-huh. Uh-huh . . .

Cute Freckled Girl: . . . wait, were you trying to ask me out?

Bianca: Yes! B-but I can help with that other stuff too!