Bianca: I have a date! An actual date! With someone who has a full-time job with benefits and prospects for advancement!

I’m home!

Sparrow: Great! I have the next few episodes of Inspector Spacetime ready to watch!

Bianca: I have a date!

Sparrow: Oh! Congratulations! . . . Would that be for before or after we watch these episodes?

Also, before I forget: I’ve been talking to Jany — remember, the girl from the con?

Bianca: With the Lizard, Kara Lynn, right?

Sparrow: Right. They’re asking about getting in touch with one of the researchers here.

Both Walker and Cohen will bring people with Beings to the US for study, all expenses paid. Do we know anything about either of these two? Is one safer than the other?

Bianca: I have no idea. Patrick? What do you know about Walker or Cohen?