Patrick: I know Ann Walker is the richer of the two. By at least two orders of magnitude.

She took over Walker International from her father after he died young, and built it almost singlehandedly into the megacorp it is today.

She’s had her Being — the one she casts as the Tiger, though he’s more like “The Big Cat Who’s Not A Lion” — for about as long.

She uses him like a seeing-eye dog. Their teamwork and ability to read each other is impeccable.

In battle, she would rather agree on a non-harmful physical contest than have a no-holds-barred fight.

Cohen (flashback): I don’t get why mine has to be shirtless here. Or yours, come to think of it.

Bianca: Well, all that sounds promising . . .

Sparrow: Yeah, she seems like a strong female role model.

Patrick: And Stuart Cohen —