Bianca: Well, Patrick, I want you to talk about Cohen now. What can you tell us that’s relevant?

Patrick: I — I don’t know. I know so many things. What are you defining as “relevant “? He does magic. He researches old languages. He loves his daughter, but doesn’t know how to show it.

I loved him. I don’t now. Because you don’t want me to. Right? I tried to be good for him. I thought I was . . .

Bianca: Okay, okay, shh, calm down! This is why I don’t want to make you think about it too much! I’m sure you were very good for him. You’re definitely very good now.


Patrick: Really?

Bianca: Really!

And, Sparrow, you know what you have to do.

Sparrow: . . . Put on some nice, mood-lifting episodes of Inspector Spacetime?

Bianca: No, I mean about what to tell Jany!

Woking, England: apartment of Naresh Balachandran.

Jany: All right, Kara Lynn . . . help me figure out what to say when I write to Ann Walker.