Later . . .

Cohen: Well, it’s professional . . . Let me see you as a male.

A little less Hollywood action star, a little more “regular guy.” And lose the jacket.

That’ll do! You sure do like green, huh?

Patrick: It’s sort of my color. Is that okay?

Cohen: It’s fine. On an unrelated note, I think I’ll call you Patrick.

You seem a lot livelier than you did last night.

Patrick: You warmed me up, Master!

Cohen: Something tells me that’s not just about temperature. I wonder if Ann Walker ever studied this. If not, I could pitch it to her . . .

. . . Or I could commission some studies of my own, because that’s what money is for.

Patrick: Great idea, Master!

Cohen: Can you just call me “Mr. Cohen”?

Patrick: No, sir. I can’t use your name.

Cohen: That sounds familiar. Come on, Patrick, it’s cross-referencing time. To the library!

Patrick: Yes, sir!