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Classic ’80s work montage!

Cohen: That was, hands down, the best business meeting in Japan I’ve ever had. Congratulations!

Patrick: Did I help, sir?

Cohen: Are you kidding? Beings are like crack to these people.

Cohen (off-panel): Just say the thing you said, nice and clear, into the mic.

Patrick: [mysterious text]

Lopez: My research proposal basically involves cutting limbs off your Being and observing how he reacts!

Cohen: You’re hired.

Ann! Hi! Have you heard the news? I challenge you! . . . No, not right this second.

Patrick: Wake up, sir. You need to go to bed.

Cohen: Hngh. ‘M fine.

Patrick: You ordered me to make you go to bed if you did this.

Cohen: Well, cancel that order.

Patrick: You ordered me to ignore you if you said that.

Scientist: It’s amazing! He’s actually starting to neutralize the radioactive material!

Patrick: That’s good, right?

Scientist: Well . . . it would be better if you could do it at least two million times faster.

Patrick: You’re getting sued, sir?

Cohen: Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s just the FCC.

Patrick: Again?