Lake: You know how this works, Mr. Cohen. You can broadcast whatever you like between midnight and six AM, but during the day, there are standards.

Cohen: What kind of vague excuse for a standard is “patently offensive”? Is this 1990 or 1984? This whole thing makes a mockery of the First Amendment!

Lake: The government isn’t interested in regulating what your employees say — on their own time. But if you expect to take advantage of the public airwaves, then the public has a say in what you use them for!

Cohen: If the public has such a problem with one of our shows, the public should stop listening to it!

Lawyer 1: If we could have a moment alone with our client . . .

Cohen: No. You know what? Give me and the lady twenty minutes alone. No lawyers for me, no backup for Ms. Lake — just the two of us.

Lawyer 2: I really would not advise that.

Lake: Seriously, you think you can bring me around in just twenty minutes?

Cohen: Good point. How about half an hour?