anime plushies…although Beings all have distinct theme colors, and humans don’t, so maybe it balances out in the end, really?

Bianca is still at that Sailor Moon panel, while Sparrow (wearing an Animorphs T-shirt) has made it down to the Dealers’ Room, and found the obligatory Wall of Geek Plushies booth. I’ve only every bought one giant plush — it’s a bigger-than-life-size Kyuubey. If you ever go to a con and find me at Artist’s Alley, keep an eye out for him.

Unicorn girl: I know! You’re talking about auras! I can see them sometimes if I concentrate really hard!


What color is mine?

Patrick: I d-don’t know! Human-colored!

Patrick (thinking): On second thought, maybe these kids understand as much as they need to.

Goth girl: Can we stay in touch online? Do you have a FuzzyArt account?

Patrick: I don’t know what that is. My Master uses JournalPress, though . . .

Tina: Yay!

Dotan: She can help you look us up!

Let’s check in with Bianca.

Crowd, including Bianca: Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!

How about Sparrow?

Sparrow: Is that . . . a Dalek plushie? Want!!

Score! I must’ve stuck this $20 in my wallet and forgot about it!