Internet friends infographicInternet friendships can be great, deep, long-lasting, can turn out to be some of the best and truest relationships you’ve ever had.

Or they can turn out to be fakers, outright grifters, or simply “not as deep for the other person as you wanted them to be.

…so, the same range as meatspace friendships. Important not to mythologize them as too different.

And how’s Jany doing…?

Jany: I got it! It took two hours of standing in line, but I got his autograph!

Where do you want to go next, Yamagatafan?

Yamagatafan: Sorry, saturn39, I have to run. Meeting some other friends for dinner. I’ll see you at the concert, though!

Jany: But . . . my plan for the day was to hang out with you . . .

Kara Lynn: What is this concert she mentioned? I don’t remember you talking about it . . .

Jany: That’s because I can’t afford to go! I only had enough money to get to the convention — concerts cost extra!

Kara Lynn: Well, at least you got the autograph! That was your dream, right?

Jany: Yeah . . .