Next week there will be a holiday break from regular pages. Instead you’ll get seven omake pages, one per day. Chapter 9 will resume the week after. Happy Solstice!


And how’s Jany doing…?

Jany: I got it! It took two hours of standing in line, but I got his autograph!

Where do you want to go next, Yamagatafan?

Yamagatafan: Sorry, saturn39, I have to run. Meeting some other friends for dinner. I’ll see you at the concert, though!

Jany: But . . . my plan for the day was to hang out with you . . .

Kara Lynn: What is this concert she mentioned? I don’t remember you talking about it . . .

Jany: That’s because I can’t afford to go! I only had enough money to get to the convention — concerts cost extra!

Kara Lynn: Well, at least you got the autograph! That was your dream, right?

Jany: Yeah . . .