Jany tries to share her own day’s haul.

Jany: I got this brilliant signature from the lead singerof —

Roommate: Hey, lizard girl? I know it’s like afternoon in London or wherever, but those of us who aren’t jet-lagged are trying to get ready for bed now, okay?

Jany: If we can’t afford to leave this city, then we can’t afford not to enjoy the rest of WhiskerCon. Tomorrow we cosplay, and there’s a premiere, and you are going to make sure I don’t sleep through any of it.

Kara Lynn: Of course, Saturn.

Jany: It’s weird how you can make my normal screenname sound like “Master.”

Saturday: Con Day #2.

Bianca: Looks like rain . . . good thing we’ll be inside all day.

The next panel I want to go to isn’t for an hour and a half. And it’s not one you’d have to line up early for. Do you want to come check out the Artists’ Alley with me?

Patrick: What’s in the Artists’ Alley?

Bianca: Art, mostly! I found an extra twenty in my coat pocket, and want to spend it on something cute.