Sparrow: Besides, what do you mean, “substandard”? This place isn’t cheap, you know! It’s the best me and Bianca could afford. Unless you wanted to split with a bunch of other congoers?

Patrick: You cannot be serious. There’s only one room! One bathroom! Room service costs extra!

Are you telling me that’s normal in this day and age?

Bianca: Um . . . yeah. It kind of is. Anyone who stays in suites on a regular basis is loaded. Did your last Master just not travel a lot, or . . . ?

Patrick: No! He travels for business all the time! But we always stayed in a suite . . . when he took me along . . .

I didn’t know it was expensive. I never even thanked him for it . . .

Sparrow: Hey! No feeling guilty allowed. You don’t owe any thanks to someone who abused you. An abuser can buy nice things, It doesn’t make them good, or prove that they love you. I have been doing research, and it says this very clearly!

Patrick: So . . . when you bought me a collar, did that mean you don’t love me?

Bianca: . . . That’s definitely not what it means. I know you’re not tired, so . . . Sparrow? Ready to get our badges?