WhiskerCon 2010: early check-in line.

Con staff: Nice ears.

Patrick: Thanks.

People in line: This line is definitely longer than last year.

So the guy says, “That’s no Zubat, that’s my wife!”

The taxi driver told me to take it off. It’s fursecution, I tell you!

Jany: They’ll only ask for my ID, so we should be fine. Just don’t do anything mad. Or suspicious. Or make any sudden moves.

Con staff: Next!

Con staff: Enjoy your con!

People in line: Patterson, party of two.

Jany: I don’t think they’ll be armed, but you never can tell with Americans, so . . .

Con staff: Next?

Jany: Oh! Coming!

Jany Balachandran, party of two!

Con staff: Nice accent! Are you a Doctor Who fan, then?

Jany: That is a unique and clever question which I have never been asked before! Now sign me in, please!