Patrick: I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about it.

Tina: Right! Of course! Your Master would want you to keep a low profile.

Dotan: We would never infringe on that sacred bond! But on Friday afternoon, if he’ll let you go —

Tina: Or she!

Dotan: — or she —

— could you maybe come by our Teenage Otherkin Support Group? It would be an unbelievable honor to have you there.

Patrick: !! This writing in your logo . . . where did you get it?

Tina: I found it on this totally nifty messageboard about magic!

It’s an incantation for peace and good fortune. That’s what I believe, anyway. Dotan thinks it’s random.

Dotan: It totally is, right?

Patrick: Oh, it isn’t random. But as incantations go, I don’t think “quality linen” was ever that powerful.