Back at the hotel.

Sparrow: Bianca, I’m thinking maybe it isn’t the greatest idea to let Patrick hang out with those furries.

Bianca: Aw, they’re probably harmless. I never went full otherkin myself, but . . . I was fourteen once too, you know?

Bianca at fourteen.

Tiny Bianca (writing): Dear Diary, Felt tired and sad all day. I think my spirit is being attacked on the astral plane. Also, I think I maybe like girls??

#violetbauble: do u think my sprit animal is more a swan or an appaloosa?
#xshadow_ravenx: prbly a swan, i get that vibe from u

Tiny Bianca: Her and her boyfriend have a real live

Bianca: That’s how I originally learned about Beings — everybody I knew online wanted to have one. Not in a kidnap-y way, more in an “I also want to be a princess” way.

But, just in case . . . Patrick!

You are hereby ordered not to get kidnapped or imprisoned, and to come back safe and alone to the hotel at the end of the day!

Patrick: Yes, Master!