Sparrow: . . . Wait a second. You expect me to have an easy time with this Language because it’s Hebrew! Or, no — based on Hebrew?

Luthien: Other way around.

Sparrow: So you’re brought to pseudo-life by words — in a pre-Hebrew human language, which means it was my ancestors that made you — If we hack off a part of you, it crumbles into dirt, because you’re made of dirt —

Beings are golems.

The frickin’ word means “Unshaped Beings”! It’s been right there this whole time!

Rosen: And you never considered it? You really are not very Jewish, are you?

Sparrow: Sure, I considered it! But the idea only shows up on “Beings are a secret conspiracy created by the Jews” websites! I didn’t think it was credible!

. . . which I guess explains why it isn’t all over your website. Those people are bad enough already without anybody encouraging them.