Long-term studies of in-person voter fraud get numbers like “38 out of several hundred million” or “31 in a billion.”

When I found posts claiming ID laws were important, they did things like conflating different types of voter fraud. For instance, absentee ballots with fake names are a little more common…and absentee voters are, by definition, the ones who won’t be at the polls to get their IDs checked.


Cybele: hum te tum dum dummm


Sparrow: !!


Sparrow: . . . getting it renewed, including the bus rides, took the entire day! Have you ever been in a DMV? Ever in your life?

Bennett: Hey! I have learned everything about them from several highly informative sitcoms!

Sparrow: When in-person voter fraud happens almost never — it’s literally a one-in-a-million thing —

Bennett: And if someone shows up at the polls claiming to be Lord Voldemort, you’d just let him vote —

Sparrow: Of course not! Lord Voldemort is not an American citizen!

Bennett: Your friend here is so nice and polite — why don’t you take a page out of her book?

Bianca: Hey now, I may be the Nice One, but I agree with her on all of this. Also, wouldn’t you want Voldemort to vote? I mean, since he’d be a Republican.