Last page’s comments were so on-the-nose. Give yourselves all a high-five.

Miranda: It’s a term from Jewish mysticism —

Bianca: — the chamber that holds all the souls ever created, right?

The souls of the dead cycle back there to be reincarnated. If it was empty, a new body couldn’t be ensouled.

Miranda: . . .

Okay, I know that because I’m a half-Jewish kid who’s put more effort into studying this than into anything they covered at school. Where did you pick it up?

Bianca: . . . It was in Evangelion.

Patrick: I’ve heard of it too — but what would it have to do with me?

An Unshaped Being doesn’t need a soul. All we need — all I needed

Cohen (flashback): Betcha I know what’s gettin’ in the way.

Patrick (flashback): Master . . . ? What are you reaching for?

Patrick (present): — is what he took.