Rosen: So we must first be re-animating the Dog, then perfecting the sigil of free will. Mr. Cohen would not wish for any hostile party to get ideas about how to make this job more difficult.

Lúthien: [He’s sure we can re-animate the Dog.]

Rosen: [Yes. You’ve seen how calm he is about it.]

Lúthien: [Very calm! Not even putting pressure on us to –]

Rosen: [Shush. The humans are talking.]

[*Translated from Hebrew.]

Sparrow: I promise, I’ll do everything I can to keep the Dog safe. Hey, by the way — there’s a guy out in the waiting room who’s tried to be dangerous to all Beings. Any idea what Arthur Bennett is doing here?

Rosen: All I know is that I will not be speaking with that . . . man.

Lúthien: Miranda promised we wouldn’t even have to see him!

Sparrow: Good.

Miranda: I’d like to check out the current state of Patrick’s Contract. To see what else Dad might have messed with along the way to wiping out his name. But considering how stressed Patrick is from just remembering that day, you should take some time to calm him down. I’m not gonna open him up until you say it’s okay.

Bianca: . . . Tell me something first. Was there a point when you were planning to forcibly wipe my name off of his Contract?

Miranda: W-what? No!

I already had Poe at this point. One human can’t be the Master of two Beings. And it’s not like there’s anyone else I had in mind to hand him over to!

So obviously whatever plans I may have had were better-thought-out than that.